Saturday, June 27, 2009

What IS Resurrection?

Ok, so it's been awhile. I'm sure you've all missed my blog... or not ;)

anyway, a lot has been on my mind lately, some of it even good, so here is a tasting of some of it.

I just got done taking a course called "interpreting biblical narratives" with one of the coolest professors I've ever had, and it was one of the best classes I've ever taken in seminary. but during one of the class times, we got into a discussion about what Jesus' resurrection means. I don't remember exactly how the original question was framed, but the prof turned it a little bit and re-framed the question to "what IS resurrection?" we had an incredible discussion after that, and i am sure i didn't take adequate notes to really recapture the essence of the discussion, but pretty much it boiled down to this: resurrection is a renewal of something that had died [spiritually or metaphorically] into a way that is new a vibrant. i think of so many instances where i have seen or heard of people or even whole congregations that have needed to die to their old ways and be renewed so they can truly live the way God intended them to live.

my final project for this class, due in a couple more weeks, is to write an exegesis on a narrative that we select ourselves and then to also write or sketch out or actually do a performance piece of the narrative. the point of this second part is that what good does the exegesis do that we as pastors do if we can not convey what we have read and interpreted to those we encounter in our faith walks, IE, the congregations we serve? i chose Ezekiel 37:1-14, AKA the valley of dry bones (the head bone is connected to the...neck bone. the neck bone is connected to the...shoulder bone. the shoulder bone is connected to the... arm bone etc, or however you want to sing it.) I have seen and experienced places or people that are dry or dead and need the word of God breathed back into them so they can be renewed. some of these places or people i often wonder if they were truly alive to begin with, or are they, as a friend of mine calls them, "dead grey masses?"

so as not to spoil all the fun, when i am done with the "presentation" piece, i will post it after it has been delivered. until then, i will be praying for all who need to experience the renewal that resurrection brings!

in Christ's love,

rev rob